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The Sophisticated Island

Sifnos Island can be reached easily with the modern, mostly high speed, vessels that depart from the harbour of Pireaus several times a day. The pleasant journey takes around 3,5 hours and if you are lucky you can spot some delphins on the way!


Arriving at the secluded port of Kamares which is hidden between two high hills and overlooked on the left site by the church of Profitis Ilias is unforgettable. 

Sifnos has 365 churches scattered around the island and traditional celebrations (Panigyria) with local music, chickpea soup and "Raki" on certain dates is a must to attend to.


The island is also famous for her excellent kitchen, a heritage from the famous cook and writer Tselementes. 


The Island has a Heli-port and a well equipped medical center while the nearest airport is on the next Island of Milos (half an hour by boat).   

The "Chora" (meaning Capital) Apollonia with her whitewashed houses and pebbled paths offers many nice shops, restaurants and a vivid nightlife while the sophisticated village of Artemona with her beautiful old villa's is on walking distance.


The surrounding small villages of Exambela, Katevati and Petali have plenty of sightseeing spots to discover during your early morning or afternoon walks. 

Then Kastro... the rough village with its own character and well known worldwide by the architects because of the circled type of buildings. Also the small fishing community of Cheronissos is a must! 


Last but not least the white beaches with crystal clear waters, where to start: Chrysopigi, Plati Gialos, Vathi, Kamares you will love them all!


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