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Multi-space "Polyhoros"

Pastel Bird

Property ID: SI0301


This exceptional, sophisticated multi space property is one of the best known icon place to be at the capital Apollonia in the Island of Sifnos. 


For years now the three shops, the cafe/restaurant and the beautiful apartment (a total of 400 sq.m.) are places you want to be seen. 


Due to the central location and the huge property space of 2.580 sq.m. it is the most desirable place for art exhibitions and social events.

With a small additional investment the expansion possiblities are very profitable. As an example the three shops that have their own bathroom can be converted to another 3 apartments, while in total the multispace could locate a total of 8 apartments. Beside3s the existing 400 sq.m. buildings you can build another 200 sq.m. 

The Apartment

The apartment is located on the first floor and besides the beautiful view the whole design is very contemporary and upscale. It is registered on AirBnB as the "Gallery Apartment" and the average renting rate is €180,00 per night.  

The Multi Space

Some impressions of the multi-space surroundings including the open bar, restaurant and shops. More details can be found here.

Property Lot Size: 2.580 m2

Build: 400 m2  (option add. 200 m2)

Property Sizes: On request

Apartments: 1

Shops: 3

Restaurant: 1

Outdoor bar: 1


Location: Apollonia

Distance from the sea: 10 min. by car

Price: €1.800.000,00 (negotiable) 

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